Arnab Banerjee's

GSoC 2018 Blog

This website is a temp landing page for my resume articles
and updates of my Google Summer Of Code activities
for the INCF foundation under the mentorship of Dr. Bradly Alicea


Before you jump into any of the links mentioned in the menu nav bar or read any of the articles related to my journey in Google Summer of Code, 2018, here is a quick glossary for you to understand how this blog has been arranged. There are 3 main parts:-
1. Project
Everything related to the project - organization, mentor and project proposal in detail has been documented here. To know more, click/touch here.
2. Progress
To track my daily and weekly progress report click/touch here.
3. Arnab Banerjee
If you are curious to know more about my educational and professional background - my projects and interests, click/touch here.

May the force be with you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯