XML-model building for Mosaic embryo

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Flowchart of project

Research/Literature Survey related tasks

Task no. Resource Status
1 Study the Research publication - DevoWorm: differentiation waves & computation in C. elegans embryogenesis In Progress
2 Analyse 3 spreadsheets with cell-by-cell data and differentiation tree.
Understand how data is being represented
In Progress
3 XML-based model buidling for mosaic dev of c.elegans
How to go about achieving this task?
Not yet started

Feasibility Study related tasks

Task no. Resource Status
1 How to make model executable in CompuCell3d and NeuroML Not yet started
2 CompuCell3d vs NeuroML, which one will be better for the project? Not yet started
3 How to build trees and graphical representations from these models In Progress

Coding and tech related tasks

Task no. Resource Status
1 XML - understand usage, unique points and how it's used Done
2 Python vs C++, decide what to use for this project
Which one will help in compatibility later on and think super long-term
In Progress
3 Architecture of the project - how will the modules be divided
How to divide the project into quantifiable deliverables
Not yet started
4 GraphViz and Gephi, read up and USE Not yet started